Lithium Ion Batteries

Finally, a US made next generation lithium-ion battery technology is here.  Lithionics Battery is driven by their mission to bring modern power to modern machines. By leveraging over 30 years of factory automation and custom fabrication experience, their company produces batteries that deliver a longer life, a faster recharge, are safer and environmental friendly. We have lithium-ion battery technology to take care of your RV, trailer, golf cart, marine, commercial, residential, & electric vehicle needs. You may have experienced the headaches of dealing with the old technology and inefficiency of lead acid batteries – Well no more worries. Not only are Lithionics battery products leapfrogging existing performance and cost standards, but were doing it the right way by addressing the critical global need for safer forms of energy and large – scale renewable energy storage. Lithionics objective is not only to build the strongest battery in the world, but also build the longest lasting battery in the world. Here is why Lithium-ion technology is the choice for you.

  • No more monthly maintenance of filling up your battery with water or cleaning terminals
  • Up to 4 times lighter in weight than Lead Acid Battery
  • 6 to 8 Times longer life span than a Lead Acid Battery
  • Recharges 4 times faster than a  Lead Acid Battery
  • Retains 75% of its power when stored for a year
  • Safer and more Environmentally Friendly than a  Lead Acid Battery
  • Higher Initial cost; Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • The copper internal core stores and transmits power much fast and efficiently than a  Lead Acid Battery, with up to 98% efficiency.

    We also have Batteries for Green Energy,
    Golf Carts and Marine Solutions