Solar Panel Advantage

Discover Why Our Solar Panel System Outperforms Crystalline Panels Hands Down!

  • More Efficient Energy Production

These solar panels are made with triple junction amorphous silicon, which means that they draw the sun’s energy at lower angles and for longer periods throughout the day. This also means that the panels never need to be angled to the sun (no more climbing up and down on your roof to adjust your solar panels before and after travelling!)

  • Produces Power on Overcast Days and Even in the Shade!

    !00 Watts of power in all light conditions

    Solar Power from Dawn to Dusk

Our panels utilize Bypass Diodes for Shadow Tolerance – which means they have significantly more efficient energy production, even on overcast days or when shadowed. This means that even if you are parked under trees or in shaded areas, your new solar panel will still be producing power.

  • Unparalleled Durability – You Can Even Walk on Them!

The amorphous silicon construction provides unmatched durability, even allowing you to “Walk on the Panel” when installed. This Panel can withstand hail storms and also performs better than crystalline panels in extreme heat and extreme cold.

  • Unparalleled Flexibility

These panels will mount on any roof surface and type, at any pitch.  They offer many more options for placement on a crowded roof full of air conditioners, vents, skylights and other solar panels, because at 81.5” x 21.5” the will fit “east & west” on a vehicles roof.

Plenty of options on a crowded roof

Plenty of options on a crowded roof


Unlike all other solar panels out there for your RV, ours is the only one that does not need to be screwed or bolted into your roof. No roof penetrations equals greater peace of mind!

  • Mounting Gasket for a water tight seal

The addition of the Mounting gasket allows for a water tight seal on even flat roofs, or next to air conditioner run off.  No worries about the panel separating from your roof because moisture seeped underneath the panel.  No more limitations on roofs without a crest or pitch to them.

Water-tight gasket assembly for a 100 Watt Panel

  • 5 Year Warranty on Power Output at 80%
  • Each Panels Weighs in at Only 8.7 lbs.

One more thing, these panels are made right here in the USA, in state of the art manufacturing facility in Arizona.