Solar & Wind Power Solutions

Solar and Wind Power


Finally! Lithioncs Battery has integrated lithium and solar technology. In recent generations, solar and wind technologies has become more advanced, reliable and more affordable.

How does storing solar energy in a lithium battery help you:
Faster Charging
Much Less weight
No More Dead Batteries
Reduced Generator Use
Longer Overall Life

How Does It Work? What Are The Improvements?

Replaces up to SIX Lead-Acid Batteries with ONE Li3 Battery!
Retains 75% Power-Energy Levels Up to Two Years
Enters Sleep-Mode If Drained In Storage
Always Doubles the Amount of Energy MINIMUM
Save Hundreds of Pounds
Allows FULL DISCHARGE Without Worry! Use All the Power, Battery Enters Sleep Mode with Sufficient Reserve Energy to Always Re-Start Your Generator!
Your Generator will Re-Charge the Batteries in 15 to 120 Minutes VERSUS 2 to 10 Hours! Save Fuel!

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Large Scale Connection Systems