How to Order Solar Kits

Selecting the correct Solar Panel System to fit your needs

Our USNS  Solar Panel Systems come complete with an RV kit containing an 12 volt,  30 amp digital charge controller and 10 gauge UV Coated wire and mounting hardware for both the Solar Panel and the Digital Charge Controller.  Our Kits are available in 100 watt, 200 Watt, 400 Watt complete units, as well as single Panel Kits to add onto an existing Solar Power Array.

400 Watts of Freedom from Summit 2 Solar

400 Watts of Go Anywhere-Do Anything Freedom

The panels are also available by themselves, which allows you to add more power to your system, or if you currently have solar installed and are looking to expand or upgrade your current RV solar system.

200 Watts of Solar Power

200 Watts of Solar Power


If you will fill out the fields below with a few simple details about you and your RV, and we will be able to configure the properly sized Solar Array and provide you with a quote.

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